Extra-Short Hair Models - In Development

Extra-Short Hair Models - In Development


Extra-Short haired pets can shed quite significantly. LUMO has designed a model of the Ridgeback specifically to deal with grooming these fine coats, which is coming soon.

Currently, only the Long Hair and Short Hair models are available. These are intended for coats which have depth, where your fingers can get into the coat to some degree.

Extra-Short haired coats have no depth, do not tangle and typically have fine hair. For these coats, a different grooming approach is required to that of the Long Hair and Short Hair models, and so LUMO has an additional group of models to add to the Ridgeback line up, Extra-Short Hair, which are coming soon.

See the Model Selector information below on how to determine which coat type your pet has, and to select the right Ridgeback model for your pet.

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Choosing the right Ridgeback model for your pet is easy. Answer three simple questions, and note the model type you need, such as Large Pet | Long Hair | Self-clean for example.

If you would first like to understand more about how the Ridgeback works, and why it is the best grooming tool for pets, click here to LEARN more. If you need further assistance, please CONTACT US, and a member of the customer support team will be happy to help you.


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