We are passionate about high quality product design

We care very much about creating quality products for the pets we love. LUMO is proud to stand behind the integrity of our first product, the RIDGEBACK; a superior, lightweight and durable pet grooming tool. We are also confident in the excellent workmanship of our manufacturing partner, as proven by the high quality kitchenware goods they have produced for decades, for brands such as ZYLISS and OXO.

LUMO extensively iterated upon the Ridgeback design to optimize it for both performance and manufacturing. During the process, we made prototypes of the model range with our manufacturing partner in short-run molds, to test part quality, product assembly, and most importantly ensure that it grooms extremely well and that pets love it too. The RIDGEBACK models passed our accelerated product life cycle testing which includes; daily professional grooming use, drop testing and metal corrosion resistance tests in soap water environments. We are now confident and excited about launching our first product, and many more products will soon follow.

Our products are covered by a 1-year Limited Warranty. Any customer receiving a defective product is entitled to an immediate exchange for functional one, or a credit towards another LUMO product, or full refund. Full warranty details can be found on the TERMS page of our website.


Our Partners

Since LUMO was founded, we have been very fortunate to receive much valued strategic support, so that together, we have all the skills and experience needed to successfully bring our first product, the RIDGEBACK to pet lovers:

  • COASTAL PET PRODUCTS - LUMO is very fortunate to partner with Coastal Pet Products; they are our Master Distributor to supply chain partners in the pet industry. We are so very thankful to Kim Stout and her team in Alliance, Ohio, for all the support and hard work they put into bringing LUMO products to market

  • CARDINAL PET CARE - Led by Tony de Vos, the team at Cardinal Pet provides tremendous support to LUMO. Our valued partner, is supporting LUMO, as we begin to design new liquid grooming products. Cardinal Pet are also leaders on operating sustainably, and we at LUMO also work hard to minimize environmental impact

  • SUNSTEIN KANN MURPHY & TIMBERS LLP – Founding partner and MIT alumnus, Bruce Sunstein, and his colleagues, provide tremendous service and backing to our startup in prosecuting and acquiring our international design and utility patents, for our current and future products

  • ZYLISS – The high end kitchenware brand that helped us to connect with their manufacturer, to produce the Ridgeback to the same impeccable standard as their own products

  • MIT – We have received incredible support and guidance from our Professors, the Venture Mentoring Service volunteers and the Entrepreneurship Center

  • VICTORINOX – Thanks to CEO Carl Elsener and his team in the beautiful Swiss Knife Valley, for their help and design input to the self-cleaning feature of the product

  • SEA TO SUMMIT – A super cool Australian company that provided advice on strong and durable material options for the Ridgeback, based on their experience designing resilient outdoor products

  • MICROSOFT – Thanks to Tony Bates, CEO of Genesys, when as former Microsoft EVP for BD, Strategy and Evangelism, he and his team provided great support when LUMO was starting out