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Why Grooming is Important

Grooming is an important pet health matter. Trapped shed hair in a coat can cause a pet to overheat, and cause irritable heat spots on their scalp. The patented design of the all-new Ridgeback can help you to maintain your pet’s coat with ease; it removes shed hair and dander, quickly, effectively and gently. As the Ridgeback removes shed hair, the appearance and sheen of the pet’s coat is improved, enabling natural oils from the sebaceous glands to spread along the hair shaft, otherwise trapped by dead shed hair. Pet parents also benefit, with less shed hair around their home and on their clothes!


How it Works



The Grooming Science


The Ridgeback is unlike any other grooming tool, because it multi-tasks! For Long Hair coats, in a single grooming motion, the long, widely spaced combs first detangle your pet’s coat. Hair mats and knots are gently broken up, and deep undercoat is removed. As the grooming motion continues, the combs become progressively finer, shorter and more closely spaced, to collect shed hair from throughout the coat. The Ridgeback has been designed to groom pet’s coats comfortably. The tool does not tug on the coat, and certainly does not cut hair or irritate the pet’s scalp! This is not true of many other grooming products, even though they try to make this claim; as you can see in the VIDEO above.

Similarly for the Short Hair and Smooth Hair models, pets find the grooming experience to be comfortable, because there is a gentle progression from coarse to fine combs in each single grooming motion; and pet parents get the job done very quickly, because they are detangling and deshedding the coat at the same time. The RIDGEBACK will cut the time it takes to groom a pet down by at least half, if not more!


With other products, you first need to spend time removing any tangles and matts with a first tool. Then you put that down, and groom through your pet's hair with another product to collect shed hair and undercoat, often pausing for a while to clean collected shed hair out before continuing. The RIDGEBACK is the only grooming tool you will ever need, since it both detangles and desheds comfortably at the same time, and cleaning is very quick and simple. With this all new product, you can get the job done quickly, allowing both you and your pet more time to play!

We recommend that you use the Ridgeback approximately once a week. The Ridgeback works best by applying firm pressure, grooming in short strokes. Start by working on the body, from your pet’s tail to head, removing all tangles and matts in short strokes. Then repeat over the body, but now groom the Ridgeback against the coat, to collect the maximum amount of shed hair. Finish up by using the narrow top portion of the tool to groom the legs of your pet, and around their head. Within 10-15 minutes the Ridgeback will remove ALL of your pet's shed hair; as you can see in the VIDEO above.


Model Selector



Select A Ridgeback Model for Your Pet


Choosing the right Ridgeback model for your pet is easy. Answer three simple questions, and note the model type you need, such as Large Pet | Long Hair | Self-clean for example.

If you would like to watch the Ridgeback in action, and see why it is the premier grooming tool, click here to view our video and photo GALLERY of pets and their parents loving the RIDGEBACK. If you need further assistance, please CONTACT US, and a member of the customer support team will be happy to help you.


The Ridgeback can be used to groom all pets. The most important point is to determine if your pet has a Long Hair, Short Hair or Smooth Hair coat using the test above, so that you choose the model that is going to be fastest and most effective for your pet. We also give some example model suggestions for some of the most common pet breeds below.

Model Suggestions for Common Breeds


If you are still unsure which model is right for you and your pet, then CONTACT US, we are happy to help.

Pet Parents with Impaired Manual Dexterity can use the Small Tool for Comfort

Although some pet parents have Large Pets, it may be more comfortable for the parent to use the smaller and lighter Small Pet tool. This is absolutely fine, since both models operate in the same way. The only difference is that it then may take longer to groom your Large Pet, since the Small Pet model is smaller in size and covers a smaller area of the pet’s coat in every grooming stroke, compared to that of the Large Pet model.






The Pet You Love Deserves The Best

Pet parents have many choices when it comes to buying grooming products; but they are all, really poor choices.

No single product is wholly effective. From the harsh products that tug on, and cut the hair of a pet’s coat; to products which have to be repurchased often because they are not durable. It’s time to stop wasting money and buy a Ridgeback; the only grooming tool you will ever need for the pet you love.