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Our revolutionary new self-cleaning grooming tool is the fastest, most effective and comfortable deshedding product you can buy for your pet. Here are some answers to questions we are often asked about the RIDGEBACK.

  • Why should I groom my pet?

    Grooming is an important pet health matter. Trapped shed hair in a coat can cause a pet to overheat, and cause irritable heat spots on their scalp. With the Ridgeback, you can maintain your pet’s coat with ease; it removes shed hair and dander, quickly, effectively and gently. As the Ridgeback removes shed hair, the appearance and sheen of the pet’s coat is improved, enabling natural oils from the sebaceous glands to spread along the hair shaft, otherwise trapped by dead shed hair. A secondary benefit is that pet parents have less shed hair around their home and on their clothes.
  • How does the Ridgeback work?

    The Ridgeback is unlike any other grooming tool, because it multi-tasks. For Long Hair coats, in a single grooming motion, the long, widely spaced combs first detangle your pet’s coat. Hair mats and knots are gently broken up, and deep undercoat is removed. As the grooming motion continues, the combs become progressively finer, shorter and more closely spaced, to collect shed hair from throughout the coat. Similarly for the Short Hair and Smooth Hair models, pets find the experience comfortable, because there is a gentle progression from coarse to fine combs in each single grooming motion; and pet parents get the job done very quickly, because they are detangling and deshedding the coat at the same time. LEARN more about the Ridgeback, or watch it in action in the photos and videos of our GALLERY.
  • How often should I use the Ridgeback, and how long for?

    We recommend that you use the Ridgeback approximately once a week. Within 10-15 minutes the Ridgeback will remove ALL of your pet's shed hair. Certain breeds shed more prolifically at certain times of the year, and so at these times you will need to groom a little more often to keep your pet and home looking well.
  • How much faster can I groom my pet with the Ridgeback?

    The Ridgeback will cut the time it takes to groom a pet down by at least half, if not more. Let’s quickly compare. Currently when grooming you first need to spend time removing any tangles and matts with one product. Then you put that down, and groom through your pet's hair with another product to collect shed hair and undercoat, often pausing for a while to clean collected shed hair out of the product before continuing. The Ridgeback is the only grooming tool you will ever need, since it both detangles and desheds comfortably at the same time, and cleaning is very quick and simple. With this all new product, you can get the job done quickly, allowing both you and your pet more time to play.
  • Will the Ridgeback cut my pet’s hair or tug on their coat?

    Absolutely not! The Ridgeback has been designed to groom pet’s coats comfortably. The tool does not tug on the coat, and certainly does not cut hair or irritate the pet’s scalp. This is not true of many other grooming products, even though they try to make this claim. LEARN more about this problem when using other grooming products, and see how the Ridgeback works differently.
  • Will the Ridgeback work for my breed of dog/cat/horse…?

    Yes. The Ridgeback can be used to groom all pets. The most important starting point is to determine if your pet has a Long Hair, Short Hair or Smooth Hair coat, so that you choose the model that is going to be fastest and most effective for your pet. You can LEARN more about how to do a simple test using your fingers to find this out. We also give some example model suggestions for some of the most common pet breeds. Once you have determined what coat type your pet has, the remaining choices are quite straightforward; picking a large or small size tool, and deciding how to clean collected hair from the tool. If you have read the LEARN page, but are still unsure which model is right for you and your pet, then CONTACT US, we are happy to help.
  • Can the Small Pet model be used on Large Pets?

    Yes. Although some pet parents have Large Pets, it may be more comfortable for the parent to use the smaller and lighter Small Pet tool. This is absolutely fine, since both models operate in the same way. The only difference is that it then may take longer to groom your Large Pet, since the Small Pet model is smaller in size and covers a smaller area of the pet’s coat in every grooming stroke, compared to that of the Large Pet model.
  • Is the Ridgeback waterproof?

    Yes. The Ridgeback is made from corrosion resistant materials, so you can for example, use the Ridgeback while you are bathing your pet in soapy water. The Ridgeback is a very durable tool, and will not degrade or discolor when used in wet conditions.
  • Is the Ridgeback safe?

    Yes. We have tested the product with many Veterinarians who found the Ridgeback to be perfectly safe, and very effective. Check out the testimonial videos in our GALLERY.
  • Will the Ridgeback survive being accidentally dropped off a grooming table?

    Yes. The Ridgeback is very durable. We have drop tested the tool from height of 1.6 m / 5'3" to ensure it is rugged and can survive daily hard use in a grooming salon environment.
  • Is the Ridgeback covered by warranty?

    Yes. We provide a one year limited warranty against defects, read our QUALITY PROMISE for more information.
  • Is the Ridgeback patented?

    Yes. LUMO has patented the Ridgeback internationally. We put tremendous effort into its unique and innovative design, and will assert our property rights to the fullest extent against infringers.

We will add further answers as we receive additional questions to those above. If you have an unanswered question, please CONTACT US. A member of the customer support team will readily assist you, and share the answer here with other pet parents.


LUMO has a number of pet products currently in development, and beyond those, a vision to create amazing products to better the lives of pets and their parents, by using innovative technology.

  • Why is the Extra Short Hair model of the Ridgeback not available now?

    The Ridgeback comes in three models to offer a solution for Long Hair, Short Hair and Extra Short Hair coat types, as discussed on the LEARN page. The Long Hair and Short Hair models have a similar size and shape, and so are made on the same factory production line. The Extra Short Hair model is considerably different from the other models, and so is made on a separate production line. We at LUMO, want to make sure our first Ridgeback production line is operational and follows our high quality standards, before moving on to overseeing the second production line for the Extra Short Hair model. We expect to begin production of the Extra Short Hair model very soon!
  • What is the trident in which LUMO in which plans to develop pet products?

    We see three key points where new technologies can better the lives of pets; Physical Health, Mental Health and Safety. We want to focus in developing technology for pets in these three areas, and see a lot of potential for disruptive innovation and quality design in an industry that is essentially about love.
  • What product plans does LUMO have in the trident point : Physical Health?

    We feel physical pet health is strongly dependent on two factors; balanced nutrition and exercise. We are working on concepts to help pet parents monitor and control their pet’s diet, in addition to the amount of daily exercise their pet completes.
  • What product plans does LUMO have in the trident point : Mental Health?

    One key pet problem we strongly wish to solve is pet anxiety, in situations where they are home alone during the day while their parent is away. We are working on a number of concepts to make their time at home safe and stimulating.
  • What product plans does LUMO have in the trident point : Safety?

    Ensuring that our pets are safe is a critical concern. Searching for a missing pet can be particularly traumatic for pet parents, and so we have worked up innovations to help pet parents create boundaries to secure their pet wherever they may be, and help quickly track their pet if they stray beyond.
  • Will LUMO accept a new pet product idea from me?

    Maybe. We love to innovate to better the lives of pets, and you may well have come up with something novel with commercial potential. If so, we would be happy to give your idea consideration. However, we are under no obligation to accept, nor reward, any ideas submitted to us. In addition, a product concept has much less worth than many presume. The value is in refining and executing a concept to create a well-designed solution that meets the needs of pets, and their parents.

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