Our Founder

The LUMO team is led by Liz Morrissey. Liz formerly owned a Dog Kenneling and Grooming business in Maryland; caring for pets, and providing advice to her loyal Clientele. Liz has over thirty years of experience in pet care, and has a natural affinity with animals. Liz and her colleagues became increasingly frustrated with the poorly designed brushes available on the market, and the length of time required to properly groom a pet. Liz began to develop a unique concept to more effectively detangle and deshed a pet’s coat, in one ergonomic tool.

In 2012, she brought her product idea to MIT for engineering assistance, and formed the startup LUMO with MBA graduates from the MIT SLOAN SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT. Liz and her teammates began work testing prototype after prototype to refine her unique design to perfection, and prepare the startup for the launch of our first product; the RIDGEBACK – an easy to clean grooming tool.

Pet lovers will now be able to more effectively groom their pet to remove all loose undercoat, faster than any other product currently on the market, whilst also knowing the product is gentle, combing evenly through the coat and not cutting or tugging hair.


Designed at MIT

LUMO could not have started at a better place. We are very grateful to everyone in the MIT community, who provided invaluable support during the design and development of the Ridgeback.

The team at LUMO was able to use the latest rapid prototyping technologies, materials science knowledge, entrepreneurial guidance and intellectual property protection counsel, to enable us to create an exceptional first product.


Our Mission

Our pets are family members, and we at LUMO, want the best for our loyal companions. Our goal is simple. To design well-built quality products, to enhance the lives of pets, and meet their owner's everyday needs. If you want the best for the pet you love, then you need to check out our PRODUCTS.